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all natural pork

Double Smoked Hams
All Natural Double Smoked Hams are big on flavor and these babies will drive your guests crazy with their smoky aroma. A must at Christmas and Easter. Whole hams average 16-18lbs & will serve 30-40 people. Half hams and ham steaks also available.
Price: $3.79/lb

All Natural Pork Shoulder/ Butt
Plump, juicy, and flavorful. Great for smoking/slow cooking for shredding. If you want to try a smidgen, a pork steak is a, in truth, a slice of heaven.
Price: $2.39

All Natural Pork Loin Roasts
A favorite by those who love to stuff their roasts. They are two loins netted into one, making stuffing a cinch.
Price: $3.59/lb

All Natural 2lb Non-Marinated Pork Tenderloins
The most tender of all the pork cuts. There are two 1lb tenderloins per package. They can be grilled whole, roasted, or sliced into medallions and sauteed.
Price: $5.49lb

Side Pork
Uncured, un smoked pork belly. It is great for those who would like to smoke themselves or for those old world recipes.
Price: $5.49/lb

All Natural Ribs
All Natural Baby Back Rib
Loaded with delicious meat! Each rack weighs in at approximately 3 1/2 lbs each! Great smothered in BBQ sauce. A favorite for those with Smokers. Try them out!
Price: $4.99/lb

All Natural 4lb St. Louis Style Cut Spare Rib
Briskets removed and placed inside the roll of ribs. It is a traditional style rib with traditional flavor.
Price: $3.99/lb

All Natural Pork Country Style Rib
An 8oz portion of pork sirloin. They are great on the grill with sauce. Also, they are tender enough to be used as an alternative to veal.
Price: $2.59/lb

All Natural Pork Steaks
Cut from the pork shoulder in 1lb pieces. Great seasoned on the grill.
Price: $2.59/lb

All Natural Bone In Pork Chops
Available in a 3/4 inch regular or 1 1/4 inch thick portion. The regular chop has the tenderloin, giving you the porterhouse of pork chops. The thick cut chop is great for grilling as is or a pocket can be cut for stuffing.
Price: $3.99/lb

Breakfast Pork Sausage Links
are made in house. They are all made from All Natural pork shoulder. we also have our Breakfast Sausage in 1lb packs and brat sized links which come with 4 links per pack.
Price: $5.98/lb

All Natural 1lb Ground Pork
Ground from our pork sirloin. A lean way to add pork to any recipe.
Price: $3.99/lb

Smoked Thick Cut Bacon

​Who doesn't  love some delicious thick cut bacon? 

Price: $6.99/lb