Angus Meat Market


Whole & Cut Chickens
We carry a fine line of hormone free chickens. We also carry breasts, bone in and boneless, wings, legs and thighs.

Whole Chickens Price: $2.19/lb
Boneless Breasts Price: $2.99/lb
Bone In Breasts Price: $2.19/lb

Chicken Kiev
Variety of flavors. Sage Stuffing, Broccoli and Cheese, Regular Butter Filled, Cordon Bleu, and our favorite, Pepper Country Gravy
Price: $2.19/ea

Marinated Chicken Breasts (Seasonal)
Butter and Garlic,Teriyaki, or Italian
Price: 4oz for $1.99ea

Whole Breasts
Whole Turkeys
Ground Turkey
Turkey Breakfast links
Turkey Bratwurst
Bacon Wrapped Turkey Tenders

Small Birds
Pheasants 2lb Whole
Cornish Hens
All natural 1 1/2lb - 2lb
Young Roasting Chickens 5lb