Angus Meat Market

house sausage

Check out our fine selection of sausage and ground meats.We try to Make all our sausage M.S.G. free. Please call for specific details.

Swedish Meatball mix
Ham Loaf (Pork)
Pork Sausage Bulk & link
Chorizo in Hot & Mild
Italian Sausage in Hot, Mild, Bulk & Link
Andouille, Smoked & Regular
Swedish Sausage
Regular Brats
Beer Brats
Jalapeño and Pepper Jack Cheese Brats
Black and Blue Brat
Raspberry Chipotle Brats
Greek Brat
Montreal Steak Brats
Turkey Brats
Wild Rice Brat
Apple Cinnamon Brats
Wild Boar Brat
Polish Sausage
Beef Sticks and Beef Jerky

​Hot Dogs
Midwest Pride, all beef coarse ground, and an Abbyland fine ground Pork and Beef.
Price: $5.99/lb