Specialty Meats

(All prices and availability can change from day to day. All prices are approx. Call for current price.)


Alligator Sirloin Cubed in 1in chunks
Price: $24.99lb

Alligator Patties1/3# patties, 1# packs
Price: $23.99lb

Smoked Alligator Andouille 4x 1/4# links 
Price: $26.99lb

Ground Bison 1# packs
Price: $10.99lb

Bison Strip Steaks 8oz steak
Price: $32.99lb

Bison Porterhouse16oz steaks
Price: $32.99lb

Bison T-Bone Steaks16oz steaks
Price: $29.99lb

Bison Chuck Roast 4# Roast
Price: $16.49lb

Bison BBQ Ribs 3x 4# racks of ribs
Price: $12.99lb


Ground(up to 20% all natural beef added) 1#packs
Price: $12.99 each

Burger Patties(up to 20% all natural beef added) 4x 4oz patties
Price: $14.99lb

Strip Steak 8oz
Price: $41.99lb
Ribeye Steak, 8oz steak
Price: $41.99lb

Chuck Roast 6-8# roast
Price: $14.99lb

Stew1# packs
Price: $17.99lb

Grass Fed Beef

85% Lean Ground Burger
This great tasting 85% lean ground beef makes amazing burgers! You just cant go wrong with this! It is also all natural grass-fed beef! Never given hormones or antibiotics. Never fed any corn, grain or animal byproducts.
Price: $9.49 a pound

​Burger Patties 8oz patties, 1# packs
Price: $13.19lb

Hot Dogs1/4# links, 4 links per pack
Price: $15.99 pack

Ribeyes, Sandwich cut 3-4 steaks per/pkg
Price: $27.95lb

Sirloin Steak, Center cut, 10oz each
Price: $39.95lb

T-Bone Steak, 16oz each
Price: $39.95lb

Brisket Flat 10-14#
Price: $12.49lb

Farm Raised Venison

Tenderloins, Whole, 8-12oz each 
Price: $39.99lb

Leg Steaks, 8oz each steak, two steaks per/pkg
Price: $20.95lb

Loin Chops, Boneless, 2-3 steaks per/pkg, 1# packs
Price: $24.99lb

Chuck Roast, 2-4# each, boneless & tied
Price: $13.99lb

Ground Venison, Ground 1# Packs
Price: $11.19 each

Burger Patties, 4x 4oz patties
Price: $14.99 each

Skirt Steak, 1# each, peeled
Price: $19.79lb

Summer Sausage
Price: $9.99lb

Flank2-3# peeled
Price: $19.99lb

Brisket 16oz

Price: $19.95lb

Wild Boar

Steak Medallions, 4oz each and 4 per pack
Price: $26.99lb

Strip-loin, whole, 3-4# each loin and 4 loins per pack
Price: $18.99lb

Shoulder Roast Boneless, 4-6#
Price: $15.99lb

Baby Back Ribs, 2# Packs, Peeled, 2 slabs/pkg
Price: $8.19lb

Breakfast Bacon1-2# Slab, Unsliced
Price: $18.99lb

Ground Boar, 1#/pkg
Price: $14.99lb

Boar Sausage
Cranberries & Shiraz, Wine, Garlic & Marsala Wine, Italian, and Andoullie Links are 4per pound
​Price: $12.99lb - $13.99lb

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